Strategic Paradigms

Following Jesus

As a ministry of Servantworks, the primary focus of The Well is to emulate the model of Jesus and follow His teachings. This perspective informs not only more obvious components of our work such as outreach in dark places, but other areas such as integrity standards in our business management.

Reach, Teach, Send

We follow Jesus’ example to go to where people are hurting, patiently teach and model new paradigms that are often slowly caught, and prepare those who do experience healing and growth to do the same with others.


We do not have strict limits or criteria for candidates for The Well. We have had women join as young as 13 (not including than daughters of older women) and as old as 45. Some have been long-term sex workers, others merely at risk because of their situation. Men, including transgender ladyboys, have been part of our programs.


Age, education, talent, or past experience are not limiting factors of what God can do in a person. We welcome all into our program with the expectation that they have wonderful potential waiting to be revealed.

The Well strategy is based on John 4:39-42 where an entire community was transformed through a purposeful encounter between Jesus and a woman who had 5 husbands. The Well trains and equips women to become agents of transformation and renewal in their communities.

Focusing Long-term

We know we can’t possibly eliminate all prostitution, but we act on the premise that God, working through His people, could take down the open and accepted sex industry in Thailand by the year 2030. Because the causal factors are far too many for one organization to address (see graphic, next page). we are testing and refining reproducible models of ministry and forming networking relationships. Most importantly we invest in people long-term, with the expectation that some will be influencers and change agents on the level of William Wilberforce or Jane Addams.

Thinking Critically

We constantly ask questions, and test and evaluate hypotheses, always look for ways to increase effectiveness in the following areas:

• People Development: How can we improve effectiveness in healing broken people? How can we help everyone to achieve their full God-given potential?

• Organizational Development: What are the most effective and reproducible models of ministry and business management for our context?

• Social Transformation: What practical steps can we make to impact the social, economic and political systems that are behind the Thai sex industry?