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Naree is a Thai word meaning woman. By reaching out to women, we hope to equip them to cultivate healthy families and communities.

Naree began as a branch of The Well to provide special care in a smaller, personalized setting. Naree trains women in work skills, life skills, and applying Biblical principles to their life. 

Naree offers both housing and employment. At the center, some women learn skills such as sewing, making jewelry, or housekeeping. When possible, we connect women with employers in the area including working as maids, clerks, restaurant servers or cooks, security guards, and other odd jobs. 

Family is an important part of the ministry also, as many women have children and some have husbands. 

Khio & Jeremy Sutter

In her childhood, Khio became a Christian because of the love of Christian workers and activities in her hometown. She began joining missionaries and mission trips around Thailand when she was a teenager. Khio has worked in churches, Bible training centers, and other Christian ministries counseling and teaching Bible, music, and worship. She began assisting the ministry of The Well in 2004 as the Director of Education, and has been directing Naree since 2015.

Jeremy has lived in Thailand since 2003. He currently works as a high school teacher at International Community School, a private Christian school serving a diverse student body.

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