Media Outreach Team

The Media Outreach team will be …

A group of Thai people working together in holistic, Jesus-centered healing, teaching and restoration, and sharing their message to a growing public audience.

The team will further the purposes of The Well by creating and distributing media that aids in outreach, education, need awareness and advocacy.

Staff will include a director, writers, presenters, and technical assistants. While there will be some Western assistance and advisement, all content will be written by Thais. We will practice what we preach; everyone on the team is actively involved in direct ministry—no one only creates.

Working to create …

  • Short, shareable videos, typically 1-3 minutes in length.
  • Regular live videos with call-ins, talk-style, with experts talking about personal issues and answering caller questions.
  • Graphics designed for sharing on social media.
  • Interactive, online lessons (e-learning)
  • Response lines, staffed with Thai-speaking volunteers around the clock, to answer questions and make connections.