Expanding into the On Nut Community

The mission of The Well is unchanged: Reach, Teach, Send. We want people to find safety for healing, support for growth, and a vision for leadership to change Thailand.

Why expand into community outreach?

For years, we’ve operated as a day program for women exiting or at-risk for exploitative work in Thailand’s sex industry. We’ve learned a lot during that time, both what works and what doesn’t. One key lesson: working class Thais rely on social norms when they’re making decisions. That’s great news if you have a lot of healthy friends to emulate, and bad news if your friends are stuck in toxic habits.

In 2018, our team agreed to shift our focus to reaching OUT. By working in a neighborhood, we have the opportunity to be involved in all kinds of lives and show that there is a healthy way to live that we learned from a great man named Jesus.

Will you continue to help women leave the sex industry?

Absolutely. In fact, the more we understand Thai culture, the more we see how exploitation is complex and systemic. By working in the context of a community instead of an isolated group of women, we’ll be better able to address some of the problems we know are affecting our neighbors right now, including broken families, teenage pimping, and substance abuse.

We’ll continue to reach women who are working in bars, and we’ll have more opportunities for prevention and working with whole families.

How might Connect Center help the On Nut neighborhood?

Our hope is to foster a network of people sharing life together. The two Connect Community Center sites will host small cafes and be a place for neighbors to meet. Planned activities will include music, English, children’s events, games, and support groups—as well as worship, Bible study and info seminars about Christianity.

A small church plant, The Well Connect is lead by a team of Thai and American leaders. The church meets online due to the ongoing pandemic, but ultimately will have a home at Connect.

We also do direct outreach into the community, from making friends with the teenage dropouts who hang out nearby, to getting to know property managers and business owners in the neighborhood.

Can I be part of this?

Of course. You can support Connect financially; we’ll use funds for special programs or facility improvements. Feel free to reach out and ask questions or find out the current funding needs. You can also come visit. We think the burger is the best deal in Bangkok, and we’d love to meet you. And of course, you can pray and stay updated with our monthly newsletter.