Loving People to Jesus

We just began opening our Connect Center during the evenings, and announced free help with English. We’re not offering classes, just informal and flexible help for people who want to learn.

On Monday a few women in their 30’s came. One said she had walked past our door many times, but was afraid to come in. “I was afraid you would make me change my religion.” We laughed, thanked her for coming, and reassured her that wouldn’t happen.

Don’t we want her to trust in Jesus? Of course we do. But we have found it much better to wait for God to draw people to himself than for us to try to drag them into the Kingdom. It’s way more fun and nobody gets hurt by misplaced zeal. I wrote about it in this post a year ago. Then I was referring to the process I went through of learning how to not fix people struggling in life. But it also applies to this new visitor.

We’re obviously just getting to know her, but it appears that she’s doing just fine: a married housewife with two children in a nearby private school. There is a good chance that she has none of the kinds of burdens of the majority of women we work with.

But whether she has deep unmet needs or not, we have seen repeatedly that the Father likes to draw people to Jesus. Our part is just to love them and wait for that to happen. We “share our faith” not by trying to convince, but by simply talking naturally about God’s work in our lives; mostly things we’re praying about and people in need we’re praying for and helping. Of course we offer to pray for folks in that waiting process, something they nearly always welcome.

Last night Sunisa stopped by briefly as our little English group of three adults and three junior high kids was talking, and I was I introduced her to everyone. When we first met, Sunisa was proud in the identity of her faith, not interested in changing. In her case there was a deep life need that we were able to help with, but even so she now says that at the time she just assumed that our love for her was our simply being good professionals. But God started appearing to her and showing her visions, and she began see that more was going on. The whole process of choosing to follow Jesus took the better part of two years. All we did was keep loving her.

I told Sunisa about this visitor’s hesitancy. She smiled, knowingly.