Little Ones

I’m kind of freaking out about a 12-year-old who is actively selling herself, with the help of a 17-year-old. Not only is this girl young, but she looks it to the extreme–baby face, tiny, not yet fully grown.

This girl is not being coerced. She wants love and money. “I hope that if I have sex with someone he will love me,” she told Mook. Recently she needed $10 to buy fake braces for her teeth–a fashion thing here. Her older friend sold her for $33 and gave her $10.

In cases like this my mind is a jumble. The men who think that the fact alone that someone is willing to sell gives them the right to buy. I’ve heard guys like that talk: some tell themselves they are doing her a favor.

Then there are the young men here do group rape for fun. Sorry to have to mention that.

I think about my experience with teens over the years. Once this behavior pattern hits, it has to run its course. Having experienced the hormone-cocktail high that comes with their behavior, however brief in each instance, teen brains direct every resource toward finding it again. Try to help them to safety and they run. Look closely at this little girl’s cute baby face and you see it is starting to harden.

I think about the older girl. She has her own terrible story of abandonment, then abuse. Street-tough survival can be an effective way to cope.

I think of my own helplessness. There isn’t much that a man can do for someone like her besides pray and look for others to help her. Thankfully God is answering that prayer.

And of course I think about Jesus. I wonder how he felt when he first experienced meanness as a boy. He would have seen girls mistreated, and it must have made him angry and sad.