Grateful to Go

The Christmas story is just as much about going as about giving. We all know why giving gets the spotlight. In God’s way of working, the two are twins–you don’t have one without the other. So to try to balance things a bit, I like to focus on going.

I’ve been getting to know “K”, 26, our newest member of The Well. K has identified male as a reaction to years of repeated abuse by men since childhood. God gave her model-quality facial features; often a major liability in a culture with rampant male sex addiction.

K is a veteran sex worker, following her mother’s footsteps. When K was 21 her mother brought her to Chinatown, where women working the streets lead men into dingy, smelly buildings.

Four years ago, a trusted friend told K that she could make way more money for the same effort in Bahrain. All she needed was a passport, and to show up at the airport. K didn’t even ask how much was the plane ticket.

It was the typical debt-bondage trafficking scheme that preys on ignorance and powerlessness. Three years later an Arab man pitied K and paid her way back. She returned empty-handed, after serving hundreds of men at all hours, day or night.

Bahrain has been a well-known sex-trafficking destination. K saw many dozens of other Thai women. Her handlers were all Thai women.

K ended up with us because of going. A team of workers and volunteers went out and found her waiting for customers in Chinatown. Over multiple visits they began earning K’s trust. She is now grateful and hopeful about finally being safe and accepted. K is clearly bright, thankfully resilient in spite of her trauma, and is excited about where this could lead. In asking about her interests, K brought up jewelrymaking. Her eyes lit up when I told her about our studio, currently undergoing remodeling.

This and so many other stories make Judy and I continually thankful that God chose us to “go”, Jesus-style, and show a great light to people walking in darkness. We have had enough life experiences to verify that nothing comes within ten country miles of helping lead someone out of a life of hopelessness. Ahh, but wait. Without the generous giving of so many, none of this would have happened. Judy and I would be working in the U.S., and K would be waiting for her next customer.