This is Our Season

After writing 31 blog posts last December I fell silent for 334 days. I find it hard to balance writing with day-to-day work. We have so many stories to tell that it’s hard to pick. I start on one, don’t quite finish, and then another happens. Then there is my big-picture wiring that constantly sees connections. Cori Wittman calls it my popcorn brain. I try to be careful not to ramble when I talk, but often fail and have to apologize. This same tendency makes it difficult to keep focus when writing.

I wasn’t really thinking to write daily posts again this December. There is a lot going on. The Well in a major ramp-up phase, with our team launching new outreaches and partnerships. One initiative is social media, where we hope to release dozens of short video clips aimed at Thai audiences over the next year. Our daughter Jaimie and fiancĂ©, Bryce, will be spending 12 days here working on initial projects this month.

But something just happened that made me change my mind. Last Thursday and Friday I interviewed 6 women that we are in the process of bringing into The Well. All are between 20 and 26, and all have really rough stories of abuse and exploitation. Most experienced sexual abuse at home. One was sold at age two, to a family who raised her as a slave. She has no ID and no way to reach her birth family. One was trafficked, in a typical debt-bondage scheme, and held as a sexual slave for 3 years in a middle-eastern country. Each precious woman spoke with sincere appreciation about experiencing unconditional acceptance for the first time in her life. And as I always do, I explained to each what a great honor it is to be able to serve her.

So I just thought I have to do it again. I keep up with Western news, so saw lots of headlines about Black Friday deals. And I am reminded, as I am every year, that this should be our season, not Amazon’s or Walmart’s. Nothing better explains our whole motivation for our being here than the little baby Jesus–the immense, powerful God getting tiny and poor among lost and broken people. That is what we live and breathe daily.

So I’m claiming it. This is our time of year, time for us to humbly but firmly point people to the real deal. What we have to share is extremely good and right. It deserves an audience.

So if I can pull it off, I will be writing 30 more posts about how we see this Jesus. Last year I pretty much wrote random stories, as they happened in real time. This year I intend to do the same thing, but more directly connected to the advent/Christmas story. My hope is that you might find some new insights, grow in love with Jesus yourself, and maybe make some priority changes of your own.