Day 9: Prang: Fellow Servant

In 2004 I came with a small team to visit Bangkok, a few months before we moved here. On our first night visiting one of the Western-oriented sex tourist spots, we met Prang. She was standing in front of an agogo bar, wearing hot pants and tall boots. “Do you like working here?” Kate Wagner (now Kate Allen) asked. “No,” was Prang’s emphatic response. We paid the bar fee for Prang and her cousin to spend time with us, and a few nights after that. By the end of our 2-week trip, Prang had given herself to Jesus.

Over the past 14 years Prang has grown immensely in following the Lord and serving others, hanging in there, mostly in her small home town in the Buriram province. All while raising a son and daughter as a single mom. Prang came back to work with us in Bangkok in 2015, but earlier this year returned home.

Prang has an immense servant heart. I have never known her to say no to a request to help someone in need, even when it means going out of her way. She regularly tells me about someone that she is reaching out to, whether a neighbor or a fellow alum from The Well.

Prang is working on supporting herself through small farming, but one option we have tried to help her develop is silk products. Northeast Thailand is known for its fully handmade silk, so we’ve made some attempts at finding new export markets that could perhaps help keep more young women from leaving for the city. A promising item that has done fairly well are these scarves, woven by women in a co-op that Prang helped to start and coordinate. 

These pictured are 30x180cm, and may be ordered from Thailand for $25 each plus shipping, with quantity discounts available. You can still order in time for Christmas.