Day 24: Sharing God With Us

For we who love following Jesus, his birth story not only doesn’t get old, but it gets more wondrous. The more we grow in connecting with others, loving to care for and serve them, and find new ones to “seek and save” (Luke 19:10), the more we enjoy thinking about this very cool scheme that God pulled off in sending His Son.

I’m behind, writing late Christmas day, and will have to catch up with posts 25-26 tomorrow. Yesterday was spent preparing then pulling off a community outreach event for Christmas in our nearly completed remodeled garden, with over 100 in attendance.

One thing that troubles us in working with the poor is how little they experience awe and wonder. Many have never experienced a mountain or a secluded beach. We started out planning this event hoping to share some of the wonder of Jesus, but we realized that we wouldn’t be able to pull it off for this very reason. Not knowing awe or reverence, folks just don’t keep their kids quiet, but just let them talk away even during a serious message. So we kept it a party atmosphere and did state this message:

  • Christmas is about Jesus.
  • Jesus is about love.
  • We want to love you because we follow Jesus.

As part of that message we were able to introduce our community center dream to folks from the community. We hope that to grow significantly during the next year.