Day 20: Day in the Life

Woke up late at 8am. I’ve been kept awake with some lower back pain. Exercise helps, so I walked the mile to The Well.

Checked in at Connect, our coffee shop. Saw Mint, whom I wrote about yesterday. She said she was still happy. Made me coffee.

Prepared some thoughts for our Thai staff on writing personal fundraising letters; then met with them for that at 10. Missionary giving isn’t very known in Thai churches, so we know it will take time for our workers to raise support, but we have to start somewhere in weaning dependence off of U.S. giving.

Team prayer 10:30-11, mostly about outreach concerns.

Talked with Dao and Bpop about two people they are concerned with. I haven’t written yet this month about these two amazing and dear co-workers and best friends. Dao was one of our first “Well-ers” in 2005; I think we met her then-boyfriend Bpop in 2008. They married in 2014. They are a hardworking, compassionate team, always caring for others.

They wanted to make sure that a 16 year-old street prostitute Dao has worked with for some years could spend next week at The Well. It was just a routine issue since the girl has applied and been accepted. They also were wondering about The Well buying clothes for three boys in boarding school, whose father is in recovery in our small men’s program. We talked about how to help him earn enough to buy the clothes himself, rather than doing it through charity.

Also talked about Mint joining the outreach team that did the special event for street freelancers yesterday. Dao said she would be welcome.

11:30-12:15 had a delicious chicken burger on whole wheat bun at Connect. The women had trouble for a while getting consistent quality but it’s getting much better. Talked to Judy and Travis about classes at The Well for next term. We’re in a transition from The Well as a full-time program to more of a community focus, and the paradigm shift causes practical challenges.

Spent some time looking for Thai pop songs that could work for the community Christmas event we’re putting on Monday. It’s the first time we’ve ever done something like this. It will basically be a get-acquainted gathering, as we want to introduce people to Jesus by showing love to them ourselves. Junie said Saun would know a lot of songs, so I ran it by him, and he quickly came up with several.

Took Junie down to Center 1, soon to be named “Connect Spa and Garden” (we’ll post a thorough update soon) to look at the setup and decoration plan for Monday. The event will be mostly outside in the newly landscaped yard. Bpop and two other guys were working finishing a waterfall/fish pond to one side of the yard. We worked out the basic setup for chairs, lighting and projection backdrop.

With everyone busy, I did some shopping for lighting supplies needed for Monday. Discovered that a local store that I thought was just a hole in the wall selling kitchy LED signs is actually a large electronic parts outlet. I’ll be going back there for fun.

Had my weekly “coaching” talk with Mint, mostly counseling, really. Talked mostly about her on-off relationship with her boyfriend. I’ve been recommended that she try to be single for a while simply in order to heal and grow–which is almost like asking her to dunk a basketball in her culture, but I figure I have to try. She told me that with Junie’s encouragement she has decided to stop clubbing. Really according to her contract with The Well she isn’t supposed to anyway. We’ll see if she can stick with it. She will join the outreach team starting next week.

This evening, called a member of The Well out with pink eye, along with her son. Reached out via chat to an alumni who is struggling. Called a 16-year-old I wrote about the other day. (Her mom had also contacted me to say she’s not doing well.) Agreed to talk again tomorrow.