Day 12: Learning to Wait, Part 3

Twelve days into this project it’s starting to weigh on me. I don’t feel like I write well naturally–I have to work at it, so these posts are certainly not the best writing I have ever done. To make things easier on myself, and for a bit of a change, I’m going to post a conversation I had today with an alumni who contacts me from time to time via online chat. She has been at The Well a few times, at first as a 15 year-old about a dozen years ago. Since then it has been, well, a journey. But she’s settled down now, with a good husband and a son. 

Mention to almost anyone that you like to work with difficult teens and you’ll get an eye roll. But I really do. I don’t recommend it for those who need to see quick results. But I guarantee this: anything we do that shows troubled kids that they are precious is not forgotten. It may not look like it at the time, but any Word of God that we say and back up with unconditional love will stick, take root and grow.  

“How are you. Dad”  [She often likes to write in English.]

“Hi beautiful daughter! I am fine thank you. How are you?”

[Sends animated photo GIF of a guy exclaiming, “Oh my G…”] 

“Am OK.”

“Good. How is your family?”

“Yes. So happy.
Do you work today.”

“Yes I am working.
Where are you?”

“Korat”  [A province]
“Miss you daddy.”

“Miss you too.”

[Animated cartoon GIF: a dancing bear.]

“I will hope to see you .
55555″ [“hahahahaha”. The number 5 in Thai is pronounced “ha”.]

“Yes I hope so.”

“II ask my parents to be healthy.” [She means, Judy and me.]

“I forgot to tell youI talked to a friend.” 
[Name of another former teen alumna from 2006]

“Oh good.
She told me she will go to church on Sunday.” [The friend had also contacted me out of the blue the other day.]

“We talked to forget about the beat and return to love the same.” [This is probably Google Translate for, “We talked about forgetting about our fighting and love each other again.” 

“So good.”

“We gossip with you.,
We talk about love at a young age.
We are very stiff to escape you.   [Google again: “We were stubborn and ran away.”]
But thank you for the love of you and God.
That makes us conscious of grace all the time.”

“Love you an daddy.”

[Animated photo GIF: two cats sleeping cuddled together.]

“Awwww so sweet.
“Thank you.

[Animated cartoon GIF:5 rabbits spinning around a heart.]