Enriching Children

March, April and May are the hottest season in Thailand. School takes a long “summer break” and our moms need reliable childcare, so we provide a holistic enrichment program for the children of The Well including science, art, and a lot of fun.

We thought you might like to get to know some of the volunteers, students, and teenagers who created a great summer program. Read on to get to know their names and faces – and thank you for supporting them with your gifts and prayers!

Debby Wong, a volunteer who took on the bulk of the work for this program, wrote:

“All the amazing teachers and volunteers, along with P’Dao’s children, have been making a good team to work with. They work hard and have been willing to stay with it. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve and love the kids. l see God working in their lives, even though I am beyond tired! All for His glory.”

Debby lives nearby and has a dear heart for God’s work. She handled the administration and communicated with staff and parents. She also worked with children who have special needs and needed some extra interventions, including two preschoolers who had significant trouble getting along with other children and another four-year-old boy who is new to Bangkok and needed support. His dad is working with our men on the Faithful Men construction crew, and we provided assistance for the family and a safe, structured program for the boy while he adjusted to life with his dad in a big city.

Becky Brittain, another volunteer at The Well, taught children and coached leaders. I asked what she enjoyed about the program and she responded:

“I loved watching all of the kids interact with the helpers during English class: children reading sight words to Keyla, others reading stories to Grandma Gwen, and others learning how to sound out words with Yean. I could tell that both the children and the helpers enjoyed it, and that made me enjoy it too.”

Yean was our main man. He is Dao’s oldest son; he’s been part of The Well family for 14 years and is finishing high school. He worked full-time during his school break. Grandma Gwen is a missionary in her second year at The Well. Keyla is an intern from Brazil and was also a faithful servant.

Kelli Johnson has volunteered her services to our summer break program for several years. She has also taught classes to women at The Well, and now partners with our weekly outreach to freelance sex workers. She writes:

“Hot season has lots of disadvantages, but there are good things about it, too. The mango is ah-may-zing! And I get to help teach science and Bible to the kids at The Well! One of the highlights of each week for me is hearing cries of “P’Kelli!!!!” and being bear-hugged in turn by each pair of little arms in the room. It’s really nice to be loved. ? Today we got to have fun with Skittles and learn about prayer. And I love how attentive they were to the Bible story. These guys are the best!”

This year I taught art with some tips I learned from Dani’s art class. It was amazing to watch kids see differently. My co-teacher Cream has been at The Well for four years, since she was 17. I asked her to write what we learned together, and she wrote:

  • Learn about patterns
  • God creates the world with patterns
  • We can see patterns everywhere
  • Color awareness
  • Important to play when you are doing art
  • We can fix mistakes
  • To listen
  • Think first

I can imagine how Cream’s list could become a promotional brochure for an art class in this community. We’ll see if God has something planned in this direction.

Our summer program focused on adding quality to children’s lives; to give them love and memories. Providing quality not only enriches their minds, but also brings safety and healing to children who desperately need rich hearts, too. I would love to see that happen throughout our neighborhood.

Ways to Support Children at The Well


  • Pray for the new school year, especially for the teachers. Many of the schools in our area have large class sizes and students with poor home lives.
  • Pray for healing for children and their families. Trauma and stress make it difficult to parent well and keep a family together and stable.


$52 a month will help a mother keep her school-age child with her in Bangkok instead of sending them to live with relatives. You can make a one-time gift or set up a regular donation right here.