Top Issues on My Mind Lately

  • Reactive attachment disorder–how can we help girls who have been abandoned or abused be able to attach to loving caregivers? When they hit teen years they tend to put all their hope in romantic love, only to choose unhealthy guys and get burned. We’re seeing that happen to a 16 year-old we know right now.
  • Maternal attachment disorder–how can we help moms unable to bond with their kids? We’ve worked with some tough cases here, but have only seen success with one. All were themselves abandoned and/or abused by parents, so they’re really adults with reactive attachment disorder, and all dumped their own kids in order to be with a man. In the successful case, she found a good man who came to Jesus and has been very faithful, helping her towards the emotional safety needed for recovery.
  • How to develop a peer-based sobriety culture at The Well, that could help start an AA-like movement in Thailand. Not necessarily twelve steps, but possibly.
  • How best help bright, high-potential teens from broken backgrounds in a broken school system.  Read more about Thai education here.
  • How do we strike a balance at The Well and The Well Products between the hurting people we most want to reach and better functioning people who maybe don’t need our help so much but who add stability into the mix.
  • How to teach abstract thinking skills to adults who are smart and literate but have never read a real book or written a theme paper.

Any ideas?  Pick one and share your know-how or ideas.

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