Family-friendly employment is hard to find for those with low education. A working-class woman is often faced with two choices: a factory or service job with low pay and long hours, or a job in the men’s entertainment industry, which offers higher pay but evening hours. Not to mention that few women who work in men’s entertainment wants her children to know.

Most rural women therefore choose to leave their children with their grandmother or other relatives, live away from home and send support.

This separation of parent and child often produces the following negative results:

  • Children develop attachment disorders due to separation from parents.
  • Grandparents are often illiterate and ill-equipped to parent. Children are highly vulnerable to abuse by relatives and neighbors.
  • Those women who already have their own history of abandonment by parents become more prone to emotionally abandon their own children.
  • The general cycle of brokenness continues to spiral out of control.

The Well offers an opportunity for working-class women to parent their children. They are not only able to work and learn during the day,Monday-Friday, but receive free day care, counseling, parent education, and other social service benefits for their children. As a result we are seeing children growing up much healthier and loved than their parents were. In these families, the cycle is breaking.