Beyond Trafficking

Thailand is a beautiful country, filled with wonderful, gracious people. It is also the sex industry capital of the world. And at least among the lower classes, sexual promiscuity and the addiction that often goes with it, is rampant.

Children are its biggest victims.

Based on our observation, the sex industry produces far more damage to Thai people than any economic benefits. We have met some who have done well, e.g. professional sex workers who have built houses and sent their kids to private schools, or those who have enjoyed long-term marriage with a decent man. But we regularly see the following

  • Chemical dependency
  • Teenage workers
  • Early school dropout
  • Pandemic childhood sexual abuse
  • Personality disorders
  • Child abandonment
  • Abusive relationships, including women supporting men via prostitution
    Sex industry infograph

The Well is a Christian ministry that serves women who have either already been victimized by the Thai sex industry or are at risk. Broadly this includes the entire lower class. Because the need is so vast, our ultimate mission goes beyond reaching individual women but to equipping Thai people to address the problem.




To help transform Thailand through reaching sex industry workers and others at risk, training them as leaders, and sending them to reach others.


The Well is named for the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John 4 that resulted in her introducing him to her village. The Well reaches out to women in in red-light districts or other places of brokenness, and offers opportunity not only for healing and restoration, but for training as change agents following the model of Jesus.

Women join The Well either as a result of direct outreach or through referrals of current students or alumni. They receive financial support while working toward independence and leadership. Sometimes husbands and boyfriends are invited. The Well people in leadership in Bangkok, and for those leave, whether to return home or elsewhere, follows them up with practical assistance.