Media Outreach Initiative

We’ve spent fifteen years helping people from brokenness to wholeness, from powerlessness to leadership. In the process we have learned a lot about Thai culture, trauma and addictions, and especially how to help people heal and grow. The numbers are not staggering: we learned early on we would have to go “deep before wide,” that is, we needed to build a few quality people first.

We now have a group of healed leaders with inspiring stories, along with passion to share them. We have insight and knowledge that we know can help the lonely, depressed and hopeless, along with those who want to help. 

It’s time to get the word out.

The Media Outreach Initiative will produce short pieces of inspirational and educational media content, mostly based around video. These pieces will be made available free one online platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and others.

Inspirational content will include stories of hope; people who have overcome obstacles, but especially those who have found completely new life. Educational content will cover practical topics about daily life issues, such as choosing a boyfriend or making a monthly budget, but will also address deeper questions of values and morality.