Giving Needs

Here are both special needs along with examples of regular expenses or support that your giving helps provide.

Used Smartphones

The Well is spread out in four small buildings about 300 meters apart. Additionally our work often requires workers to be out on errands and visits. Smartphones or small tablets are obviously very helpful for those who can afford them, but most of our workers cannot.

Your gift of a second-hand phone would aid the productivity of our team. It needs to be the type that takes a SIM card (usually AT&T or T-Mobile), and able to run newer Android or iOS operating systems (e.g. iPhone 5 or later).

If you have something you’d like to donate please contact us and we will have you send to the address of someone who will be traveling to Thailand.

University Scholarships

Servantworks Thailand currently assists 8 students in public universities and one in Bible college. A gift of $300 covers the full-time tuition cost of one student for one term.

Sponsor a Child

Costs vary by age, need and other factors, but we put the average amount to help a child to thrive at either The Well or Breakthrough at $60/month.

Sponsor a Woman in Recovery

Some women at The Well are still too psychologically unwell to work. For these women The Well provides various kinds of activities in our recovery center, along with classes and light work, while providing her a minimal living stipend of about $200 per month. Your monthly gift to Grace Fund can help us add one new woman to this needed program.


After 8 years our video projector has developed so many dead pixels it is virtually unusable. A replacement would run about $500.

Work Center Tools

We would like to add the following:



  • Small hand mixer $50
  • Hot plate and soup pot $75
  • Commercial oven $600



  • Drill press $100
  • 3 butane┬átorches $30 each

Family Center Improvements

Our family center, commonly known as “Center One”, needs the following improvements:

  • New exterior front door $200
  • New childproof gate $40
  • Storage shed $800

The Well Urban/Herbal Garden

The Well is in the process of rebuilding the small yard at our Family Center into a landscaped herbal garden. $1000 in funding will allow us to purchase additional tools, build durable planter boxes, and add some lighting for evening use.

This need has been met!