Current Sponsorship and Special Gifts

Some special giving items you may like to consider

We’re over halfway to meeting a $10,000 matching challenge from a private donor. Help us help more women and children!

Goal: $10,000
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Check out our Giving Needs page for more items.

Donate Online

Cloverdonations provides complimentary online donation processing to Servantworks, making online donations actually cheaper for us than check processing.

In making your donation, you can choose to create a secure account, allowing you to set up and conveniently manage recurring gifts.

By Mail

P.O. Box 4918
Wheaton, Illinois 60189-4918

New address beginning January 1

P.O. Box 130
Sheridan, Illinois  60551
Include a note with the intended purpose of your gift. We fully honor all gifts with any of the designations listed below.

  • Where Needed
  • The Well Thailand
  • Breakthrough Thailand
  • Grace Fund
  • Future Leaders
  • Worker support

Feel free to contact us with any questions.