Servantworks Circle Commitment

Members of a Servantworks Circle are committed to building more love into the world. We’re all working out how to love and serve others based on the model that Jesus demonstrated. We are growing together as servants, healers, and peacemakers.

In order to keep our circles safe and thriving, please join us in promising the following:

HONOR – We will honor one another as inherently valuable and able to contribute meaningfully, regardless of nationality, socioeconomic background, gender, or any other differentiator.

KINDNESS – We acknowledge that community can be messy, especially cross-cultural communities, and so we choose to approach any conflict, critique, or misunderstanding with humility and kindness. We will assign good intentions to each other.

PARTICIPATION – As our ultimate goal is to create a community for mutual growth, we individually agree to join in and engage from our hearts with uncommon interest and compassion. We will express appreciation and encouragement and provide consistent support and prayer.

CONFIDENTIALITY – Everything shared in a Connect Circle (via email, social media, or any other means) is considered confidential, and should not be shared with others (for example, your church’s prayer group) without express permission.

EXIT – We understand that participation in a circle might need to end for a variety of reasons. We commit to being frank and kind about our decision to leave.