About Us

Servantworks a U.S. based 501(c)3 organization committed to personal and societal transformation, based on the life and teachings of Jesus.

We are people who have found the other-centeredness of Jesus to be so transformational in our own lives and families that we have chosen to commit ourselves to the same. We seek to follow the example of Jesus within our contexts, while at the same crossing geographical and social boundaries in order to care for others.

In terms of religious labels, we are Christian. However we find that the broad label of Christianity includes many traditions and values that are far removed from the life and teaching Jesus. So while we recognize and appreciate the diversity and positive contributions of Christian traditions over the centuries, we prefer to focus on the person of Jesus himself particularly as detailed in the New Testament, and base our personal and corporate values on him as closely as possible.

Of course our lives are quite different from Jesus, a single, homeless itinerant in an era much simpler and slower paced than today. But the guiding principles we learn from Jesus are timeless and universal.


We follow Jesus’ example to go to where people are hurting, patiently teach and model new paradigms that are often slowly caught, and prepare those who do experience healing and growth to be transforming leaders, able to do the same with others.


We believe that age, sexuality, education, social class, economic status, talent, or past experience are not limiting factors of a person’s potential. We serve all with the expectation that they have wonderful potential waiting to be revealed.

Deep Before Wide

Our healing, recovery and leadership-development focus requires a slow approach. We do not attempt to reach large numbers of people. Instead we focus on training leaders who will one day impact many. Our goal is to be teachers who thrill in the success of our students.

Critical Thinking

We constantly ask questions, and test and evaluate hypotheses, always look for ways to increase effectiveness in the following areas:

• People Development: How can we improve effectiveness in healing broken people? How can we help everyone to achieve their full God-given potential?

• Organizational Development: How may we improve ways of working to help people do their best and work successfully, especially those with educational or other limitations? How can we build and nurture healing, loving and empowering communities?

• Social Transformation: What practical steps can we make to impact social, economic and political systems, especially those that close doors of opportunity to women and other disadvantaged groups?