Search for New Location Continues

Recently we reported that The Well had entered into a verbal agreement to rent a facility that would increase our usable space by 40%, and allow better efficiency by putting more activities under one roof.  Currently we are spread between three locations about 200 meters apart.

We regret to report that we have had to end negotiations with the owner when it became obvious that the other party was unwilling to bend.

We first saw a problem when the owner increased the original rent by 5,000 Thai baht per month (about $160) because we were going to be cooking and using small gas torches for metalworking. We knew that no fire insurance policy, especially for a completely concrete building, could cost that much. Then we discovered that the owner expected us to pay the 12.5% tax on rent, adding an average of over 6,000 THB to the price. Finally, when we asked for consideration for the $5,000 or so that we planned to invest in improvements to the building, most that would add energy efficiency and value to the building, the owner became very angry, despite the fact that she was willing to only grant a two-year contract. At that point we had no doubt that the Lord was telling us to back out.

This was a beautiful space, the best we have ever looked at in several years of searching for a new location. It is obviously disappointing to let it go, but we do so knowing that when God closes a door, it usually means He is about to open a better one.