The Well Moving to New Building

Update: We have decided not to sign a lease.  The building owner raised the original asking price, was only willing to commit to a 2-year contract, and became angry when we politely asked for consideration for part of the approximately $5,000 in improvements we were prepared to invest in the building.  We are very grateful to all who have prayed and given, but we believe God will provide an owner who is sympathetic and supportive of our ministry. We will continue looking for the better location that we believe God has prepared for us.

The Well has made a verbal agreement to rent a new five-story, 540 square meter building, not far from our current location. A formal two-year lease should be in place within a few days, with moving scheduled for the month of August.  Current plans involve vacating two buildings housing our work and daycare centers, and moving daycare and all temporary housing to our current Center 1. All offices, classrooms and work space will move to the new location.

These two buildings combined will provide about 40% more usable space than our current facilities, and by consolidating offices and classrooms will significantly improve efficiency.  Our monthly rent and utilities will increase by about $400 per month.

The new building is in move-in condition and will require minimal improvements for our purposes:

  • Two interior rooms will be added, most importantly a secure stock room for The Well Products
  • Work and meeting rooms on floors three to five will require additional surface-mounted wiring and sound dampening materials.
  • Eight air conditioning units will be moved from our current buildings at a cost of $100 each.

We are grateful to God for this opportunity that will allow us to seve more people with better quality. To contribute, go here.

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