Everyone is awesome.

The beauty and capability of a human being is amazing. Just think for a minute of some of the things that people have done: things they have built, written and performed; knowledge they have achieved, mysteries uncovered.

Now think about how many will never get the chance to do much of anything.

No girl grows up dreaming to become a prostitute. She doesn’t drop out of school and spiral into chaotic living out of willful choice. She ends up in the bars and brothels of Bangkok because she lacked the nurture to learn how to make choices. Life is survival.

Our mission is to move people from poverty to potential. Our starting point is the example of Jesus, who was not content to help needy people from a distance, but got into the dirt and mess himself. Living like Jesus (as best as we can) we have seen wonderful things happen, but only with a few so far. We would like to help many more towards hope, healing and transformation.

We invite you to join us.

Live to Give

Servantworks is a group of faith-based ministries focused in Thailand.

We follow Jesus’ example to go to where people are hurting, patiently teach and model new paradigms, and prepare those who experience healing and growth to be transforming leaders, able to do the same with others.

  • The Well Training Center in Bangkok assists women, children and families with education, economic empowerment and social services.
  • Narimon jewelry, lifestyle and gift products are made by members of Servantworks ministries.

Healing and Hope: The Well

Our ultimate goal is not to “rescue” women, but to send out transformational leaders who can bring real change to their culture and society.

The factors underlying and surrounding the huge Thai sex industry are many and complex. Helping women leave the industry—or avoid it in the first place—requires a multi-pronged approach with a variety of services.

The Well, located in southeast Bangkok, is a full-time development program for women and their families with a holistic approach. A woman at The Well has access to services from trauma recovery to university scholarships.


Family-friendly work: Narimon

The large Thai sex trade has many causes, but the one that comes up in almost every case is family brokenness. Many mothers leave their children with relatives in order to work far away from home, and too often this results in attachment issues or trauma from abuse and neglect.

Narimon provides opportunity for women to work while parenting their children as well as learning skills or finishing school to prepare for other employment. Women also have access to free daycare, counseling and other social services, and generous maternity and children’s sick leave benefits.

Narimon products include fine jewelry and fabric items, produced by women in Thailand who have either exited or are at high risk of involvement in the sex industry. These products are available for purchase in the U.S. through our volunteer network, who host sales and fulfill online orders.

Want to help?